Green cauliflower is not broccoli or romanesco, it's something between orange and purple cauliflower :D

Cauliflower is a highly versatile and nutritious vegetable, prized in cuisines around the world for its unique texture and health benefits. This article explores the fascinating history of cauliflower, its origins, as well as the impressive diversity of varieties available. Cauliflower has its origins in the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor, being cultivated for the first time [...]

Triple "GastroArt" book launch in Iasi, at VIN LA CULTURĂ + other surprises

6th Edition / Piața Unirii, Iaşi, 17-19 May 2024 / Free access Three days of wine tastings and presentations, masterclasses, educational forays full of flavors into the fascinating universe of edible oils, coffee, sausages, bread and of fine cheeses – including the results of the first specialized national competition, including a rare comparative tasting of aged parmesans between [...]

What are we missing to be noticed? Yes, Romania makes wine and not only that, but...

Romania does not perform outside its borders, and internally, the Romanian product is beaten side by side with the competition from abroad. Maybe we could use a radically different way of thinking compared to the strategies so far, proven ineffective (totally or partially) or even stupid. In recent years (actually decades) the press has reported on the disastrous participation […]

Bucharest goulash, invented by a Bulgarian woman in 2011 and presented as an authentic Romanian dish. Bonus: a plagiarized recipe that has nothing to do with reality

Today, in the column* what foreigners write about Romanian food in books sold on the Internet and which promise local gastronomy from the title, we have a special case, about which I had not yet had time to write. Here are some recipes that I would really try, but hardly or not frequented in our kitchens either domestic or restaurant: [...]

At Obor, birjar! Come on!

Last fall, in full pickle season, I was walking around Obor looking for the perfect ingredients for the cover photo of the Sarmale Collector. Then I got terribly angry, but I said not to write in the heat of the moment. How warm, because it was hot. Here I am half a year later just as sad. I hesitated […]

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