I have written about gastronomy before, but since 2017 I have been dealing exclusively with this field.

I founded gastroart.ro, the first magazine specialized in researching the history of Romanian gastronomy and hospitality, then the publishing house of the same name where I published more than ten titles, mostly reprints of old cookbooks from us.

I published the volume The curator of sausages and other Romanian culinary stories and I co-authored the volume Sweet Romania - a history of our desserts Together with Adriana Sohodoleanu.

I am co-initiator of the Law - National Gastronomy and Wine Day in Romania, co-organizer of the National Congress of Gastronomy and Wine together with Caesar Joan and Nico Lontras.

I write constantly on Gastroart.ro, Eisberg.ro, zilesinopti.ro, Mindcraftstories.ro, cc-cc.ro, revistatomis.ro, dulceromanie.ro and sometimes on Dilemaveche.ro or Vinul.ro. You can also find me in the newsletter Recommended by Curator & Connaisseur & Friends.

I speak loudly and forcefully as the host on the podcast Tasty Memories by Cronicari Digitali – the first podcast dedicated to 100% gastronomy.


Gault & Millau, National Association of Travel Chefs and Pastry Chefs, National Association of Travel Journalists, 

webstock: (2021 – 3rd place Best Company Blog – Salad of words for Eisberg: #simplyfresh; 2022 – 2nd place Best Branded Podcasts with #asty memories by Digital Chronicles & Electrolux)

Prone to imbibing and a professional drinker with a Eurosommelier diploma. If you can't find me, ask them She laughed or on Caesar what I do. They sure know! I appear quite a lot on TV, I also speak a lot on the radio and answer interviews.

When I'm not eating or drinking I read, write and make plans. For example, to spend 100+ days in the Balkans with Cristian Iohan Ștefănescu for a study of comparative regional gastronomy. Or to write a book about belly soup (I've been writing about the Universal Encyclopaedia of sarmals for about three years). Or to set up the National Association of Gastronomy Journalists and Writers. Or resume the newsletter. Or to go to Georgia and Armenia. Or…


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