Lucian Dragomir: Terente, rockers and braised cabbage at the fireplace (90'S – ANTHOLOGY OF GASTRONOMIC MEMORIES)

Much has been written about communism; probably not enough, but it was written. The years after '89 were somewhat widowed by a consistent bibliography, only the last years seem somewhat more fruitful with memories from the cradle of our recent democracy. Today, the guest is Lucian Dragomir: For me, the 90s, related to food, drink and other good practices/manners, have […]

We launched an alternative country brand project: We are Romania, you are welcome!

"Courage Ahead: You Are Welcome!" Authentic and tasty cuisine, stemming from all historical and geographical influences, wines and other autochthonous drinks with personality, events and contemporary Romanian lifestyle – this is the axis and slogan on which the latest communication initiative to promote Romania to the national public is carried out and international – [...]

Bullfights and lambs at protsap in Bosnia Herzegovina #balkanstastesandmore

I have no idea how Iohan found out about the bullfights, but we went. I don't remember if we had anything else set for that day, nor if we recovered part of the plan, but this is the great advantage of our expedition (although the expedition seems to involve even more people involved and a more difficult route): rarely [… ]

We ask Amazon to change the category of some books from food to fantasy

An initiative group made up of experts in gastronomy demand, through an open letter addressed to Amazon, that some books about Romanian gastronomy marketed by this company be changed from Gastronomy to Fantasy. The initiative was initiated by the culinary journalist Cosmin Dragomir, by the publisher of the magazine - Cezar Ioan (both initiators of the Law […]

And yet, the purple carrot is the closest to the original

The carrot, with its roots deep in history, is one of the most famous and cultivated vegetables in the world. Surprisingly to many, the carrot was not always orange in color. This nutritious vegetable has come a long evolutionary way, having a colorful history - literally and figuratively. This article explores the fascinating journey of the carrot […]

Conopida verde nu e broccoli și nici romanesco, e ceva între conopida oranj și cea violet 😀

Cauliflower is a highly versatile and nutritious vegetable, prized in cuisines around the world for its unique texture and health benefits. This article explores the fascinating history of cauliflower, its origins, as well as the impressive diversity of varieties available. Cauliflower has its origins in the Mediterranean region and Asia Minor, being cultivated for the first time [...]

Triple "GastroArt" book launch in Iasi, at VIN LA CULTURĂ + other surprises

6th Edition / Piața Unirii, Iaşi, 17-19 May 2024 / Free access Three days of wine tastings and presentations, masterclasses, educational forays full of flavors into the fascinating universe of edible oils, coffee, sausages, bread and of fine cheeses – including the results of the first specialized national competition, including a rare comparative tasting of aged parmesans between [...]

Naramza, the bitter orange that was not missing from Brâncoveanu's table

Citrus × aurantium, commonly known as bitter orange or Seville orange, is an intriguing member of the citrus family with a rich history and a prominent presence in gastronomy. It is a hybrid, possibly between Citrus maxima (pomelo) and Citrus reticulata (tangerine), which spread from Southeast Asia to the Mediterranean. Its history […]

April Fools' Day, the food phase: Spaghetti tree on the BBC, fried bacon looping on Netflix

We also relax a little here at the food district on April 1, International Fool's Day. Over time, the mass media have tickled and promoted many gastronomic pranks, but only a few have remained in history. He had already invented the phonograph and was about to launch the incandescent light bulb. He seemed to be able to do anything. So when New […]

How an acrobat who escaped from communist Romania brought peppers back to America (P)

Just yesterday morning I was looking for all kinds of information about the history of the doughnut, a vegetable that is closely related to this corner of the world where we live. But the internet took me to another story. That's how I first found out about Antohi pepper, whose seeds you can find on profile websites [...]

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