Triple "GastroArt" book launch in Iasi, at VIN LA CULTURĂ + other surprises

E6th edition / Piața Unirii, Iasi, 17-19 May 2024 / Free access

Three days of wine tastings and presentations, masterclasses, educational forays full of flavors into the fascinating universe of edible oils, coffee, cured meats, bread and fine cheeses - including the results of the first specialized national competition, including a rare comparative tasting of aged parmesans between 26 and 120 months. All this will be accessible to the general public and professionals on the occasion of the VIN LA CULTURĂ event, which will take place in a tent of almost 500 square meters specially maintained in Piața Unirii in Iasi, between 17-19 May 2-24. Details about the exact program of each day, as well as the list of exhibitors, will be permanently updated on the Facebook page of the event in its 6th edition:

As part of the VIN LA CULTURĂ event - organized by the National Federation of Authorized Tasters (FNDA) with the support of the Iași City Hall - at the Cărturești bookstore stand located there, three of the GastroArt Publishing house's profile books will be launched in the presence of the authors and the publisher: "What's new in the New Romanian cuisine", by Adriana Sohodoleanu; "Zamuri - soups, soups and soups", by Mircea Groza; "The Collector of Charms", by Cosmin Dragomir.

The event in Iași was preceded, in April, in several cities in Romania, by a tasting tour to promote and raise awareness of the public opinion regarding the importance of wines and gastronomy. The principles of food education in a cultural sense will be exposed and exemplified by the sommelier members and by FNDA sympathizers in a circuit held in several cities: Cluj-Napoca – Crying Monkey; Arad – Cultural wine cellar at Casa Pianului; Jimbolia – VINBOLIA Club; Craiova – C House Milan; Brasov – Belvedere. Details about these events will be available on the social profiles or on the contact numbers of the respective locations.


"Having a 'quality product' often boils down to the application of standardized sanitary parameters and the purchase of certificates of any kind. TASTE is very little taken idon't considerÞie and thus is not taken into account nor demandingto the consumer. The need to certify the taste and flavor, which are a correct expression of the purchased product, a product that belongs, through these expressions of taste and flavor, to a territory of origin that is not provided for nor protected by legislation, led to the birth of FNDA" – this credo of tastes, beyond the certification of manufacturing parameters, is permanently promoted by the National Federation of Authorized Tasters (FNDA).

FNDA organizes numerous knowledge events and courses taught by Romanian and foreign lecturers and awards internationally certified diplomas - the relevant information is available at For additional details: Marian Timofti – 0729.112.011

About books:

What's new in the New Romanian Kitchen is the doctoral thesis in sociology a Adriana Sohodoleanu. The thesis analyzes the main directions for the modernization of local restaurant cuisine and presents the conclusions of a research of approximately 5 years in which the author interviewed all the chefs who contributed to the face change of the culinary landscape in our country and participated in and analyzed gastronomic experiences local topics of interest.

The book also includes some recipes proposed by some of the best-known chefs from us – Mihai Toader, Radu CM Ionescu, Alex Petricean, Mădălina Roman, etc.

Adriana Sohodoleanu, doctor in sociology from 2021, is a gastronomist. Her doctoral thesis, which analyzed the phenomenon of the New Romanian Cuisine, validates her as a researcher, and her experience as the owner of an artisan confectionery ensures her practical anchoring in working in the kitchen and in the industry. Adriana has contributed articles to publications such as Oxford Food Symposium's Proceedings, Dilema Veche, Iscoada, Zile si Nopti and others.

Her essays explore the connections between food and society, drawing attention to the complex ways in which food culture intertwines with broader socio-political contexts. Adriana is the co-author of a book of historical dessert recipes, together with Cosmin Dragomir, and has weekly interventions at Radio Romania Cultural under the umbrella of her "Culture on a plate" project, which also includes lectures at the Calea Victoriei Foundation, cultural dinners in collaboration with chefs and sommeliers , tastings, etc.

Zămuri, soups, soups and stews - Transylvanian recipes from the elders of Mircea Groza (the top prize in the book category from Eastern Europe at the Gourmand Awards 2023 – Saudi Feast Food Festival). The volume contains 182 soup/soup recipes, richly illustrated, collected over 40 years by Mircea Groza from the elders in the villages of Salaj.

The recipes are written in the regional language, a phonetic transliteration, through which the author tries to preserve both the culinary heritage and the specifics of the area. The volume also benefits from a glossary with hundreds of explained terms.

Mircea Groza is one of our most famous collectors of old recipes, a culinary archaeologist and a mentor to many chefs. His work has been noted by local and central authorities, national and international chef associations and NGOs and he has been awarded dozens of excellence awards for his work.

The collection of Sarmale and other gastronomic stories is an anthology of articles, editorials and culinary studies published in various media in the period 2017-2023.

The volume also includes some texts that appeared in Curatorul de Zacuscă. The book has over 700 pages, hardcover and is structured in 13 thematic chapters and is illustrated by the artist Mihai Coșulețu.

Cosmin Dragomir is one of the best-known culinary journalists here. In 2017, launched the first specialist magazine dedicated to researching the history of Romanian gastronomy and hospitality, in 2018 the publishing house of the same name specialized in the valorization of gastronomic heritage. He is, together with Cezar Ioan and Nico Lontras, co-initiator of the National Gastronomy and Wine Congress and the National Gastronomy and Wine Day law.

He also published Curatorul de zacuscă, 2021 and Dulce Românie, a history of desserts from us, 2022 (co-author)

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