The notebook with recipes, in the Astra square in Brașov

"The recipe book from the market" arrived at Piața Astra in Brașov. Until the end of October, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday we are waiting for you in the exhibition pavilion in the square and at the stall dedicated to recipe books. Moreover, we supplied the stalls with recipes from the collected notebooks, recipes adapted to the vendors' ingredients and the season, we stationed the documentation process of the notebooks among the people and organized an exhibition through which we share the documentation, the stories and the collected notebooks.

pthe pavilion houses the exhibition's television, Piața TV, on which we are running a series of 18 mini-documentaries made by the project team, with and about cookbook keepers. Through Piața TV we aimed to make friends with other supporters of regional and national heritage who, in turn, produced video materials in the area of gastronomy and food production. If you have produced such video materials and want them to run on the Piața TV channel, please send them to the address The content of Piața TV is designed to animate Piața Astra in Brașov, i.e. its producers and customers. 

The project "Market Recipe Book" aims to capitalize on intangible heritage, promote sustainable relationships between producers and the local community, facilitate intergenerational connection within the project public and create links between various stakeholders such as sustainable food, written recipes, the private sector, public authorities and communities in neighborhoods. reformulate with advertising language


"The recipe book from the market" is a project under the umbrella "Recipe books", implemented by PATRUPETREI, with the support of the Brașov Squares Public Administration Service, financed by Brașov City Hall, which contributes to the enrichment of the current urban gastronomy, to a better understanding of the recent past for the younger generations and to the strengthening of a national culinary identity.

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