The sarmale collector by Cosmin Dragomir, available for pre-order

Cosmin Dragomir, one of the best-known culinary journalists from us, announces the pre-order campaign for the following book: The Sarmale Collection and other culinary stories, at the GastroArt publishing house.

The collection of Sarmale and other gastronomic stories is an anthology of articles, editorials and culinary studies published in various media in the period 2017-2023. The volume also includes some texts that appeared in Curatorul de Zacuscă. The book has over 700 pages, hardcover and is structured in 13 thematic chapters and is illustrated by the artist Mihai Coșulețu. The volume can be pre-ordered on

"Just as neither Curatorul de Zacuscă was exclusively about sausages, nor is the Collector... a book dedicated to sarmals. We also have sarmales, but I would say that they are in the minority, but not only. It is a book about gastronomy in general, not a recipe book, although in quite a few articles I quote from old cookbooks. In the more than 700 pages I have published a selection of my texts written in the last 7 years. I have no idea if I wrote a lot or badly or a lot and badly. I know for sure that I still have a lot to write and that I am trying to do it better and better", Cosmin Dragomir.

The texts have different lengths and styles depending on the editorial needs of the media channels where they were first published.

The book will be available in Cărtureşti bookstores from December, and the author appeals to the public to pre-order it: "It is essential for me to know how many pre-orders there are in order to adjust my circulation".

Custom cover

Companies that are interested in supporting the project still have time to order the book with a personalized cover (details at The volume can become an inspiring gift for employees, customers or partners.

"I think it is both an opportunity for companies to support gastronomic research and a win-win partnership. I'm not asking for money, but selling a product that adds value to a brand and can be seen as a marketing/promotion investment as well as CSR. It is a book that talks a lot about the Romanian gastronomic identity, about the profile industry, about our culinary history, written so that it is accessible to anyone.

It is also an exercise through which companies can show that they care about culinary research and gastronomic identity. If I had invested the money spent on books in recent years in advertising on social media, now I would also be an influencer with tens of thousands of followers, but I prefer to remain a library mouse and believe that writing and books are not dead or have only museum value. Perhaps a book like this can replace the classic brownies and chocolates in gift baskets and become a different business card for businesses. I think that any category of reader can learn new information from this volume", declares Cosmin Dragomir.

You can pre-order the book (delivery at the beginning of December here )

About the author

Cosmin Dragomir is one of the best-known culinary journalists here. In 2017, launched the first specialist magazine dedicated to researching the history of Romanian gastronomy and hospitality, in 2018 the publishing house of the same name specialized in the valorization of gastronomic heritage. He is, together with Cezar Ioan and Nico Lontras, co-initiator of the National Gastronomy and Wine Congress and the National Gastronomy and Wine Day law.

He also published:

Curator of Zacusca, 2021

Sweet Romania, a history of our desserts, 2022 (co-author)

He organized dozens of conferences, debates, multidisciplinary communications with a gastronomic theme, culinary events.  

He writes constantly on,, and sometimes on or

Speak loudly and forcefully as a podcast host Tasty Memories by Cronicari Digitali – the first podcast dedicated to 100% gastronomy.


Gault & Millau, National Association of Tourism Chefs and Pastry Chefs, National Association of Travel Journalists, HoReCa School


2021 – 3rd place Best Company Blog – Salad of words for Eisberg: #simplyfresh

2022 – 2nd place Best Branded Podcasts with #asty memories by Digital Chronicles & Electrolux)

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